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The ideal solution for testing even in difficult times
Author: Peter Kvarda, Added: 20th January 2023

If you are looking for a testing tool for children and students who are forced to stay at home, is the ideal solution. OwnExams provide a wide range of options for safe and objective testing of pupils and students at home. On our portal, you can create tests for different areas at home using a wide range of options and types of questions. Test results will be available to me upon login. You can use our site for free and without quantitative restrictions. Feel free to try our portal now. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.

OwnExams - an ideal testing tool for schools
Author: Peter Kvarda, Added: 24th January 2023

The testing portal provides a wide range of options for the safe and objective testing of pupils and students in schools. Based on consultations with teachers from practice, we managed to harmonize such criteria that description is almost impossible, even if students have directly visible to the screens. In this article we will show how to set the test parameters, whether to use the range of questions to achieve the most effective settings from the point of view of avoiding the possibility of writing.

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Corporate testing easily and efficiently
Author: Peter Kvarda, Added: 24th January 2023

Legislative requirements force virtually without exception on every employer to test their employees on a regular basis. Whether it is for work safety reasons, the Personal Data Protection Act or other specific laws, regular testing of employees it is already a matter of course. In the following article we will show how to create and set test parameters for this type of corporate testing easily and effectively using

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