Terms and Conditions - www.OwnExams.com

I. Basic provisions

1. The operator of the internet application located on the domain www.OwnExams.com (hereinafter referred to as the “website”) is a business company: Web Web, vos, ID number: 44734921, DIČ: 2022835188 with its registered office at Čilistovská 3, 931 01 Šamorín, registered in the register kept by the District Court in Trnava, section Sr, insert no. 10076 / T, email address: ownexams@ownexams.com (hereinafter referred to as "operator").

2. The Operator issues the following business conditions regulating the mutual rights and obligations between him and the person who visited the website for the purpose of browsing, registering or purchasing paid services (hereinafter referred to as "user").

3. These business conditions are concluded in the Slovak language.

II. Information on paid services and prices

1. Information on paid services, including the indication of prices of services by time period, is provided on the website in the section "About us". Prices of services are listed including tax and all related fees and costs. The prices of the services remain valid as long as they are displayed on the website. This provision does not preclude the conclusion of a contract for the provision of services (hereinafter referred to as the “contract”) under individually agreed terms.

III. Order

1. The user makes a binding order to change the service through his user account, which was created during registration on the website, or by filling in the information in the contact form on the website.

2. Immediately after receiving the order through the user account, the provider will send the user a confirmation of receipt of the order to the email address entered by the user when ordering. This confirmation is automatic and is not considered a contract.

3. The contract is considered concluded only upon delivery of the seller's confirmation of the express acceptance of the order, which includes a pro forma invoice on the website www.paypal.com.

4. The order is due within 7 days of delivery of the order. During this time, the user may cancel this order in writing.

IV. User account

1. Based on the user registration made on the website, the user can access his user account. From his user account, the user can perform tasks for managing online tests and also order paid services.

2. When registering in the user account and ordering, the user is obliged to state all data correctly and truthfully. The user is obliged to update the data specified in the user account in the event of any change.

3. Access to the user account is secured by an identifier and password. The user is obliged to maintain confidentiality regarding the information necessary to access his user account. Otherwise, the provider is not responsible for any misuse of the user account by third parties.

4. The user is not authorized to allow the use of the user account by third parties.

5. The Provider may deactivate the user account, especially if the user does not use his user account for a long time, or provided a wrong password when logging in, or if the user violates his obligations under the purchase agreement and these terms and conditions.

6. By registering, the user acknowledges that when creating a user account, his personal data is processed in accordance with the conditions of personal data protection, which are part of these general terms and conditions, and that the user account may not be available around the clock, especially due to the necessary maintenance of third party software and hardware.

V. Payment Terms

1. The user's obligation to pay the purchase price for the paid service shall be deemed fulfilled at the moment the purchase price is credited to the payer's account.

2. Confirmation of payment of the purchase price in the form of a tax document (invoice) will be sent to the user's email address. To this end, the user agrees that the invoice may be issued electronically.

VI. Withdrawal from the contract

1. The user has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving a reason within 14 days of payment of the purchase price by requesting it in electronic form to the email address of the provider ownexams@ownexams.com.

2. The Provider may withdraw from the purchase contract if the user does not pay the purchase price within 7 days of receiving the confirmation of receipt of the order.

3. Withdrawal from the contract becomes effective upon its delivery to the contracting party to which it is addressed.

4. The Provider is obliged to return the user an aliquot of the price paid to the user no later than 14 days from the withdrawal from the contract, exclusively in the form of a bank transfer to the user's account. This does not apply to paid services with a validity period of 1 week, in which case the price paid is non-refundable.

5. The rights and obligations of the user under this Article shall not apply if the user does not conclude the contract as a consumer. In such a case, the rights and obligations of the contracting parties are governed by generally binding legal regulations of the Slovak Republic.

VII. Processing of personal data and their protection

The following information relates to the processing of personal data of visitors and / or customers of this website (hereinafter referred to individually as the "Affected Person") by the operator. The processing and protection of this personal data is governed by the provisions of Act no. 18/2018 Coll., On the protection of personal data, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the "Act"), in conjunction with the provisions of Regulation (EU) No. 18/2018 Coll. 2016/679 of 27 April 2016, the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulation”).

1. The controller shall process personal data in the following cases:

    a. processing of personal data when sending the order

    b. processing of personal data when using contact forms

    c. processing of personal data during registration on the Operator's website

    d. processing of personal data during tests

    e. processing of personal data in the form of cookies, at least after logging in. We also include, to a minimum, anonymous statistics that help us improve the quality of service for our users.

    2. Personal data of the Affected Person processed by the Operator:

      Processing of personal data / Personal data

      when sending the order / name and surname, postal and e-mail address and telephone number of the Affected Person

      when using contact forms / name and surname, telephone number and email address of the Affected Person, or other information voluntarily provided by the Affected Person

      when registering on the website / name and registered office of the company (in case of group registration), name and surname, email address of the Affected Person (in case of registration of a group member)

3. The legal basis for the processing of personal data in processing orders is the fulfillment of rights and obligations arising from the contract concluded at a distance (through these pages) between the Affected Person and the Operator, which would not otherwise be possible. This personal data will be processed for the duration of the Operator's statutory obligations arising from generally binding legal regulations, in particular the Civil Code, the Consumer Protection Act in the sale of goods or provision of services under a distance contract or a contract concluded outside the seller's premises, the Act on archives and registries, the Accounting Act and the VAT Act, ie. in the case of some data on tax documents for at least 10 years.

4. Personal data which will be voluntarily provided to another operator as part of the use of the contact form will not be published and serve solely for the purpose of answering the question or initiative of the Data subject by the given operator. 1 letter a) of the Act in connection with ust. čl. 6 par. 1 letter (a) Regulations which may be revoked at any time on application to the controller who processes the data. Personal data will be processed until the question or suggestion sent by the person concerned is sent via the contact form, ie for the duration of the purpose of their processing.

5. The legal basis for the processing of personal data when registering on the website is the fulfillment of rights and obligations in providing services related to the user account, which would otherwise not be possible to provide in full. Personal data will be processed for the duration of with the user account, ie for the duration of the purpose of their processing.

6. The processing of personal data of the Data subject may be entrusted to the provider of services consisting in ensuring the proper operation of this website, where he may come into contact with personal data, the provider of accounting services in accounting for the Operator's tax documents (hereinafter referred to as "Intermediary").

7. When processing the personal data of the Affected Person, there will be no automated decision-making or profiling, while the Operator does not intend to provide personal data to a third country, an international organization or third parties, with the exception of the Broker.

8. The data subject has, in particular, the right to request from the Operator access to his personal data, their correction or deletion, or restriction of processing, the right to object to the processing, as well as the right to apply to the Office for Personal Data Protection if the Operator and / or the Intermediary proceeds with the processing of personal data in violation of the Regulation and / or the Act.

9. When requesting account cancellation on the page operated by the provider, please send a request to delete the account to the email address ownexams@ownexams.com with the identification of the account whose deletion you are requesting.

VIII. Final provisions

1. All arrangements between the provider and the user are governed by the law of the Slovak Republic.

2. All rights to the provider's website, in particular the copyright to the content, including page layout, photos, films, graphics, trademarks, logos and other content and elements, belong to the provider. It is forbidden to copy, modify or otherwise use the website or its part without the consent of the provider.

3. When using the Internet application, the user may not use procedures that could have a negative impact on its operation and must not perform any activity that could allow him or third parties to interfere with or misuse the software or other components forming an Internet application and using the Internet application or parts thereof or software equipment in a manner that would be inconsistent with its purpose or purpose.

4. The wording of the business conditions may be changed or supplemented by the provider. This provision does not affect the rights and obligations arising during the period of validity of the previous version of the terms and conditions.

5. A model form for withdrawal from the contract is attached to the terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions take effect on May 25, 2018